Our Philosophy


Business Investment

TOPCLICK Marketing is specialized  on driving relevant, high-quality traffic to your site from the most popular search engines: Google. This leads to the ultimate goal of giving your business a significant return on investment (ROI). People who type one or two keywords into a search engine are generally referred to as “shoppers” and are typically just browsing, while “buyers” are the ones entering longer, more specific sets of keywords – in this case, we help to get your web site as many “buyers” as possible and keep your keywords specific to your sales pitch.

Knowledge Sharing

If you have any questions about our work or the campaign, please ask without hesitation. You are an expert in your field, we are experts in ours. When we partner with your business we expect to give you as much knowledge as you wish about our business and how it affects your campaign. If you feel we haven’t been clear on something, then all you have to do is ask and we will be happy to share.

Symbiotic Business Relationship

We hope to cooperate with you for a long-term business relationship. We’re also happy to take on a more narrowly defined role, over a shorter period of time. However, our main goal is to partner with and understand your business so that our efforts will have the best effect possible on your business. Search engine marketing is an ongoing endeavour meant to drive you ongoing business, and we want to be side-by-side to share in those successes.

Setting Appropriate Expectations

SEO is never an exact science. Search engines:

  •  create filters to weed out web spam and unnatural link growth
  •  change/tweak their algorithms, that determine positions all the time depending upon the location of the search, frequency of search, etc.

For these matters it is not possible to merely apply a static set of SEO techniques to a web page of little or no popularity and make it suddenly valuable. We can however, integrate a effective search marketing campaign into your current website so that we can create a valuable profit method for your business.


Our approach is to learn as much about your company and its marketing message as we can to help us drive quality traffic to your website(s). Sometimes we might find that our business is not the right solution for your business goals; if that’s the case, then we will point you in the right direction and hopefully partner you with a firm who can help. Remember, we are business people too and the best way for us to succeed is to put our clients in a position that allows them to succeed.

We Understand Business

We are like you that have a business to run. The best way for us to mantain our business successful is to keep our clients happy and successful. We use only ethical practices and we will never compromise your business for short-term gains. If we impair your business, then we will lose you as a client, which means that we cannot stay in business very long term. We take our job seriously indeed and we apply both our search engine and business knowledge into get the best campaign possible for your business. You have a business to run and we are here to show you value for our high quality services.