Website development

Website Design has many different aspects, it’s not just about creating a design that’s fresh and inviting. If a website is to be victorious as a sales and marketing tool, your website design needs to be coded correctly, your contact details need to be clearly visible, and your site should be easy to use for new and veteran visitors. Having a good website means more than having one that looks nice. The experience your potential customers have with your business highly depends on their experience with your website. The position of the site’s web navigation, text and graphics all supply to this experience.

Our aim at TOPCLICK Marketing is to build up cost effective websites that make a real difference to profitability for small to medium-large businesses.During the web design consulting process, we usually advise site navigation on the top left where the eyes naturally begin reading and text that is broken up by size, color and bullet points. Text best to be SEO friendly and never bother the eyes or overpower other visual elements of the site. The visual contest, including graphics and videos, should always be appropriate and inspire some sort of action.

We at TOPCLICK Marketing mainly focus on the new technologies in web applicatons. Our professional web development service suits any business in every area, doesn’t matter whether it is small, medium or big. We specialize in developing simple to complex web applications with a good mix of pleasing look and easy navigation and can optimize any website from small personal sites to database corporate website.

TOPCLICK Marketing works on all website designing and developing under your business prerequisite. We know that your business is fundamental to you and so each website design is done keeping your business in mind. All sites are designed individually, so your site will have a personality of its own. You always notice that our design are clear tey simple and your visitors can navigate through the website with ease. For clients looking for complex websites solutions based on Php/Mysqul, Drupal, Magento, Joomla or WordPress are offered and our team of expert work in close co-ordination with the client so that the final product matches perfectly with the client’s expectations. The type of your business, range of products, prices and customer interaction windows needed will determine the best technology to be deployed for optimal performance.

We mainly work on two different types of websites: static and dynamic. A static website is generalòy the first step towards a digital presence and carries basic information of a business or topic. These sites are created and hosted without regular updates or other functionalities added. Ideally this suits websites carrying general information or a prevalent view of a company/business.

As opposed to static, dynamic wesites are often interactive in character and need regular updates. User interfaces on dynamic websites allow the user to settle the content on the pages and have full control over them at all times. The digital world today has a high percentage of dynamic websites since most visitors prefer websites the interactive tools.

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